The Golden Hour is now closed for the season.

We look forward to serving you again in the Spring of 2019.





The Golden Hour
at The High Line Hotel
180 10th Avenue Ny 10011
Phone 212 933 9735

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Opening Hours

Monday thru Thursday
4pm to 10pm

4pm to 11pm

4pm to 11pm

4pm to 10pm


In a tucked-away garden, amidst the energy and hustle of Chelsea, The Golden Hour is an oasis of softening sunlight and lazy leisure. Rather than rushing through pre-dinner drinks, The Golden Hour celebrates on into the night, with the casual elegance of a coastal soirée.

Ensconced by The High Line Hotel, The Golden Hour is on 10th Ave (20th & 21st), with unobstructed views of the burgeoning Chelsea skyline from its sidewalk café. The garden is a hushed exit from the traffic of the street, a lush outdoor dining room of brass tables and tropical vegetation.

Clutching Champagne and rosé from the Côte d’Azur, waiters in ivory white jackets wield plateaus of langoustine and oysters through aisles of topiary.  Guests are standing at each other’s tables, sharing conversation and trading magnums of Muscadet. Oysters disappear by the dozen, and people start to settle in to dinner.

The Golden Hour enjoys the fleeting flavors of a late summer feast on the North Atlantic. These are the meals best enjoyed outdoors, and as the sun sets and people turn to their evening cocktails, gas lamps are lit and larger plates fill the tables.

Whether sipping tea in the afternoon, or an early evening spritz, refreshment is centered around the heat of the summer, and how to escape it. Wines hail from the coast of France, as well as the oyster-rich soil of the Loire Valley. Cocktails camouflage into the flowers and herbs of the garden around them: always refreshing, picturesque, a bit witty.

Both escapist and participant, The Golden Hour is a nightly theatre at The High Line Hotel. With the genteel hospitality of our spritely staff, visitors and residents of Chelsea will feel at once home, and then blissfully far away.


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